Erotic Photos

Erotic Photography, littlegem nude looking up at the camera provocatively

As my Only Fans page is brand spanking new I have uploaded already 178 erotic photos that are ready and waiting to be viewed. With the aim to upload new photos weekly.

The majority of erotic photos have been taken over the last couple years since I realised my submissive nature, apart from a few.

Erotic Photography littlegem in a white corset lying on the bed, facing the camera

This one (and others at the time) I was asked to pose for back in 2015 as a boudoir type shoot, but as I was not comfortable with having my photo taken at that point in time not much happened with all the photos. That is until now.

Although photos of all kinds have been shared on our blog, my face and more explicit photos of sexual acts had no place there. My Only Fans page has given me a chance to expose myself further for you. 

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