Prostitute Opal

Prostitute Opal sitting on a chair with a ripped top

I really enjoy roleplay, getting to explore myself through the eyes of a different character is very fun. It gives me the chance to be someone that I am not… meet prostitute Opal.

Prostitute Opal- a video still from a roleplay

This is a still taken from one of the 5 videos that were filmed that evening. The camera was left rolling the entire time, stopping only to be moved into various positions.

It was the first time that I had been filmed and I found it such a turn. Knowing that I could go back and watch me being fucked, giving head and being cum on. I find it so humiliating but incredibly hot to watch my face contort in pleasure.   

All 5 videos of prostitute Opal are available to watch on my Only Fans, along with 11 photos that were taken through the weekend away.

I wrote a piece of fiction based on what had happened that night, if you did want to check it out.


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