Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the Club

How did we get here?

Welcome to the Littlegem Fan Club. The Littlegem Fan Club idea originated from this post on Purple’s Gem. I really liked the idea of receiving a cum tribute but had not received anything naughty, from anyone. After that post I received a lot of lovely messages from a lot of ‘fans’ who wanted to see more. Specifically videos. Well the idea has somewhat spiralled from there.

We also had such a lot of photos and videos that were more intimate and dirty in nature, taken from kinky play or masturbation ‘shows’ that I did for PurpleSole. These were not right for our shared blog. To feel more comfortable with sharing them the idea was suggested that they could be pay for view only.

Littlegem Fan Club on Only Fans

I looked into the different options and decided to use Only Fans to upload the back log of photos and videos I had already made. This has now created a great platform for all my kinky filth to be in a really accessible place. It still feels somewhat private and intimate as you have to subscribe and pay to view. Plus if I can make a bit of money from it I can then buy new toys and lingerie!

How the club works?

When I upload new videos and pictures to my Only Fans page I will post on here some sneaky tasters which you are welcome to enjoy at the club. But to see them fully revealed and more you of course will need to subscribe. This way you can keep up to date with, and have an idea of what is on my Only Fans page.

A welcome look to the club future

I also have some ideas for the future to grow this site, I guess it depends really on how well it does and if my ideas would be well received. Only time will tell! For instance I would like to include a shop with very much loved underwear, as I have recently discovered it to be quite the kink of mine. To feel the cotton of my knickers getting soaked with squirt and cum is really humiliating and very hot for me. We shall see…

Most of all I am all about having fun, I really enjoy making the videos and it certainly appeals to my exhibitionist side to share them with you. What I would like from my subscribed fans is to get to know what you would like to see, I think this would make the experience even hotter for us both. Don’t hesitate to get in touch here or on the direct message facility on my Only Fans page. 

To read more about the Littlegem Fan Club and possibly answer some common questions you might have, follow me this way.

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