Squirting and Knickers

Squirting in white knickers

Squirting and me

I really enjoy the feeling of when I squirt and a huge part of that is I find it incredibly embarrassing. Erotic humiliation is a big kink for me and squirting certainly fits into that bracket.

The idea that I am going to make a big mess, what I must look like and sound like. It’s all just so humiliating. That is why this is a difficult post for me as knowing that people may see my reactions and how wet I am, the squelching noses as I pleasure myself. The videos are loaded and ready if you subscribe to my Only Fans page.   

Squirting with legs in the air

Squirting covered

A while ago we wrote a post about how I was made to squirt whilst fully clothed which although had no visual effect for me as the trousers were dark, did give an arousing shame feeling.

To push me further I was asked to make myself squirt whilst wearing white knickers. To see the white cotton change colour as they got saturated was very hot. I may have watched that one a few times, will you


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