About Littlegem Fanclub

Why did you create the Littlegem Fanclub site?

The main reason for this is I wanted to give you a little taster of what you will get when you subscribed to my Only Fans page Littlegem Fanclub. Although Only Fans is a great way to upload content the good stuff is completely invisible unless you subscribe. So I thought to get you as keen and eager as I am, a little sneaky peek might be in order. Every time I upload on Only Fans I will post a snippet here.

How can I find out more about Littlegem and D/s?

Luckily I have a whole site dedicated to unravelling my submissive self with my Dominant husband. On PurplesGem we write about our play scenes, kinks and D/s topics. We also take a lot of artsy nude photos if you want to have a look.

Why pay for Only Fans, wouldn’t I be seeing the same things on your blogs?

Short answer, no. Although a few of the nude photos of a sexual nature might appear both on PurplesGem and the Littlegem Fanclub Only Fans page, my Only Fans page will have a lot more detail from each play scene/or photo shoot etc. The images will be a lot more raw, graphic and sexual. Different angles and certainly more explicit acts will only be available on Only Fans.

The Only Fans also has video. Good quality clear footage with sounds of me getting very naughty (I love anal and squirting) in the ways I like to do best. 

This Littlegem Fanclub website will only have stills from the videos just for a sneak preview and the photos will be obscured slightly. So wait for your wank until you subscribe. My Only Fans on the other hand is an amazing constantly growing collection of filth, all at your fingertips and for a very little price! 

What you get is a fully accessible experience of Littlegem. It’s not just images, videos and writing, you also have the ability to message me directly on my Only Fans. I want to hear from you. 

How often do you post new content on Only Fans?

Every week I am posting new content so it is constantly expanding. Check out my blog to see as I will post here every time I upload on Only Fans.

I have something particular/ dirty I would like to see, can you help with that?

Yes I might. Obviously it depends on what you are asking but if you are a subscribed member to my Only Fans page I want to know what you would like to see. In fact I get off on hearing it, so please contact me and let me know. There is direct messaging on my Only Fans page for this too. Any request I can fulfil will then be uploaded on my Only Fans page for you to view.

How much is your Only Fans subscription?

5.99 USD a month. Really amazingly low price.

I am not US based, can I still subscribe?

Yes you can, I’m not from the US either! You can subscribe to Only Fans from all over the world.

Where can I subscribe to your Only Fans?

Here! Hit the link and click subscribe.

I think you are amazing, can I send you a gift?

Too cheeky? That would be very kind and I really love gifts, but at the moment the only gift I can accept is a tip through my Only Fans page. Under each set of pictures or videos there is a little dollar sign (although I am UK based, the site is not) you can click. Thank you.